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Catholic Education

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St. Martin of Tours Academy is committed to transmitting the Catholic Faith and values. Every teacher is a role-model for children. The Catholic faith and tradition permeates all instruction. Pilon®  Workshop Way® philosophy enhances the Catholicity of the school. The whole school environment promotes a child’s spiritual growth.
  • Diocesan religion certification for teachers, in addition to a Workshop Way religion class

  • Religion instruction on a daily basis (30-40 minutes)

  • Instruction including the learning of Catholic traditions, prayers, etc…

  • Review religion curriculum and materials as part of the evaluation process

  • Religious values integrated into every subject area

  • Daily classroom prayer

  • Classroom prayer services

  • Monthly school Masses

  • Emphasis on family participation in Sunday parish liturgies (use of “gospel weeklies” for student preparation)

  • Sacrament of Reconciliation (Advent and Lent)

  • Retreats for seventh and eighth graders

  • All aspects of the philosophy of Workshop Way reinforce and teach Catholic values (i.e., dignity, respect, justice, etc…)

  • Community outreach (monthly visits to convalescent homes, food collections for parish food assistance, Holy Childhood Mission collections, etc…)

  • Strong emphasis on social justice in all instruction and school activities

  • Parish involvement promoted through newsletters, calendars, and all communication with parents and children

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